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Appliances                             Axial Appliances                              Office                                      09 573 0877                 

Drug Detection                      NZ Detector Dogs                           Janet                                       027 473 1486              

Electrical                                Astech Electrical                              Office                                      09 634 3220                 

Painting                                  Point Painters                                  Matt                                         021 330 044

Plumbing                                Laser Plumbing                               Office                                       09 376 1635                


Note:  The above contractors are certified by the Body Corporate to work in the building.  They have a track record of good service to the building itself and the many residents who have used their services.  Whilst H47 recommends their service we do not take any responsibility for any services provided directly to individuals.

Tenants must check with their Property Managers or direct with the Owner of the apartment before employing any contractor to do work in the apartments.

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